Hello, my name is Suhanti Wisanto. As you can see on the right side, my main job is a housewife. Please allow me to introduce myself, so you can understand why I became an unintentional serious blogger.

Once I was a very nerd and shy kid. My favorite things to do was hide in my small room and drawing pics from Candy-candy, a very famous Japanese manga stories, to the portrait of my dad and mom that worked out of town. Back then, they were no ai-ai stuff or mall or cable channels to spend your time.

Because of the lack of intelligence to talk or became a popular girl in my primary school, I wrote all my frustrated and overwhelming feelings about school, a killer teacher, how I missed my parent, crushed to a super cute boy with dozen fans, ached to slap the bitch in my class but I dare not, even made a comics, copycat teen novel, kungfu movies script and whatever else which only God knew, at a super secret diary (didn’t we all do the same, 80’s gals?)…..which nowadays people call it blog or facebook or twitter.

In my college times, suddenly I turned into a butterfly. No more shyness, no more nerd, no more ugly, no more fat. All these stupid thoughts that made my life wasted…. gone, just like that. Then I met my very own college rock star, Erwin. He was so astonished with my hairband’s cassette collection (yes, hairband + cassette.. it means you gotta keep pressing rewind-forward to hear Axl Rose screaming), and he asked me for a date, hope to had a good chance to borrow it free…well…ehem…

So beside rock n’ roll, college introduced me to mountain climbing, worked several jobs, experienced Indonesian political chaos of 98′, when Soeharto the no-to-speak-the-name president fell from his throne, and one of the most important things happened at that era was : accepted Jesus as the Savior in my life.


Which led me to a new church community : St. Thomas. Which led me to a new shocking talent : dancing. Which led me to a more shocking fact : dancing through a decade until now. But wait…hold on…before you think I’m a super professional like the one at So you think you can dance’s dancers, I have to make it clear that I’m not THAT kind of dancer.

An impossible too late to start a dance career is the main reason why I never became one, beside I am an Indonesian born chinese, which most of us either became an accountant or a merchant, so how can dancers became my profession in the 90’s? But a strange path does exist if you believed in grace. No matter my skill is not uber-expert, body-no-more-licious, yet you can see those path in couple of my dance works with my best team : MDC at mecholadancecenter.com.

jay ho ceweSee… how colorful my life after all? And the time came when I started the path of, you know the gonna-be happy ever after stories. I am married to my rocker 11 years ago, and in a consequently 4 and 1/2 years, we met the mini-suhanti and mini-erwin…..such beautiful girl, handsome boy and super cute girl (well, I’m not exaggerating).

Screen shot 2012-10-30 at 9.48.04PMEven I feel very blessed, the first seven years marriage was an exhausted life of mine. Busy raising babies, have to work till midnite because we don’t own a gold mine, has my dancing that I cannot give up, and boy you sure know how us…woman, were struggling to became a good wife, which almost most of us failed while trying to be a good mom. And I must say for the last 4 years, when I finally gave up job and became a full housewife, my life seems to re-start again.

A new routine which does not included keep baking something, stitch or doing craft or fighting over my children to doing their homework. I don’t live in philosophy that children are the center of my life…. well, they are one of the biggest & the best part, but hey!…. I got a lot of interests even I’m at home almost all the time. Beside, I have a Rocker to concerned, which I must live with until death do us apart. Funny how I see my life is much more in control since then.

I bet now you guys already know what is this blog about. It’s a bits and pieces of that no-more-secret diary stories of my life, how I learn to take a good pics with iPhone and Canon s95, or about practice that b-boy moves for an old mom like me, maybe learning html to make my blog looks better, even sharing my faith and thought about everything that I read and experience, and of course : the low budget traveling from one place to another that I’m rambling about.


Screen shot 2012-10-30 at 11.05.31PMBut most of all, it’s about 3teddies2bears (guess who’s who), how the drive me nuts homework and such complicated spaghetti make my life became a blessing.

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n.b : most of my post written in indonesian language, only a couple used english. so If you’re itching to see my impossible grammar, please understand that I’m trying to memorize all those english class once I took since when. And if you cannot stand to scratch it, how will be grateful I am to have the right correction. Just email me at : suhanti.wisanto@gmail.com. Thanks.